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About Us

Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa is a family-owned business operated by three dog owners and animal lovers. We’re experienced and knowledgeable, and can take care of your dogs as if they are our own. Bring your dog in today for daycare & grooming. Call us!

Meet the Owners – local burnaby gals with a passion for all things pup!


Milena became a “crazy dog mom” when she met and fell in love with Theodore- a sweet mini golden doodle.  She recently adopted a rescue mixed poodle from Mexico named Dolce. Initially Milena was only supposed to foster Dolce until she found her furever home, however that changed as soon as Dolce moved in with Milena and Theodore! There was no way she was going anywhere and Dolce is now in her furever home. Milena, along with her business partners (and family) sister Sabrina and cousin Juanita, is happy to contribute to a local business. Our dogs are part of our family, and we wanted to make sure all dogs could return to this location and feel safe and comfortable with the staff they know and love.


Owner & Groomer
Juanita is a lover of all animals. Walking dogs and yoga are her two favourite pastimes. Juanita has owned huskies over the years and is passionate about supporting the cause of rescuing abused dogs. She also owns two crazy cats and would live on a farm with dozens of animals if she could. Juanita is an owner of another Burnaby business and feels privileged to be a Puptown girl because it combines her love of dogs with her love of connecting with people.

Juanita has combined her true passion for dogs and her artistic eye to drive her to be an exceptional groomer. She has mastered the patience in dealing with nervous or difficult dogs with a soothing energy to bring calmness to the overall grooming experience for your pup. She takes pride in what she does and makes sure that she fully understands what every client expects from their pup's grooming experience. She will always work with dog owners to advise them on how to care for their pup's coat after their grooming service to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the experience. 


Sabrina has been a dog owner and lover all her life. She is currently the master of a large and in-charge Bouvier named Rocco. As the owner of another business in Burnaby, Sabrina knows how important client satisfaction is to the success of a business. Sabrina is happily joining this venture with her sister Milena and cousin Juanita.

meet our amazing Staff


Daycare Manager
Alex has over 10 years of dog experience. During her free time, she offers private training classes and pet sitting. She also has worked as a groomer's assistant in the past. She has a special hand with dogs who suffer from fear-based anxiety. Last year, she adopted her own dog who also suffers from anxiety issues and is working hard to rehabilitate her. She spent many years managing another dog daycare, and knows first-hand what a great place it can be for dogs to gain confidence, and of course have fun! Big and small, she loves them all.


Daycare Manager & Groomer

Chloe has one dog of her own, and he's a shepherd mix named Duke. He is her grooming assistant who likes to lay under her table while she grooms dogs. She is an animal lover and Has grown up with all kinds of different animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, pigs, bunnies, and cows. She used to be in 4H and has worked with miniature horses, bunnies and even with dogs and was in a competition with her dog at the time. Dogs have always been her true passion. She one day hopes to run her own business of rescuing dogs and finding their future homes. Grooming has become a love of hers to take the time of getting to know each dog and put her artistic hands to work. She takes pride in her work and makes sure to meet what the customer wants fully and needs out of their puppies' groom. She, along with Juanita, will work with the dog owners and advise them on how to take care of their dogs for coats after their grooming service to ensure they get the maximum benefit of their experience.


Daycare Attendant
Matteo has loved animals his whole life, he has a Shitzu Maltese Poodle and enjoys taking him on hikes, rain or shine! Matteo prides himself in making the pup's visit enjoyable and memorable! Matteo has a very soft approach with the dogs at Puptown which makes him a very popular attendant! They all love to cuddle up with him on the couch or follow him around all day. It’s a testament to his good nature and ability to calm and soothe the room when they are in a howling, wild mood. 


Daycare Attendant
Vanessa is a student and a foodie, but probably most importantly, she’s a dog lover! She was a passionate BCSPCA volunteer through high school and has been working with dogs hands-on for over two years. Vanessa has formed a special bond with many dogs over the years at the daycare and they are as happy to see her as they are their own family. She makes them feel as if Puptown is their home and it takes a special person to do that. Vanessa can’t have a dog of her own at the moment, she feels she really hit the jackpot with this job!


In-home Boarding
Laara has been working with animals for over ten years. She started out by providing dog walking, pet sitting, and in-home boarding services before joining the staff of the former Woof Dog Lounge. She is happy to now be a Puptown girl. She has been dubbed the resident "dog whisperer" because of her natural ability to calm any dog with her soothing nature.  In her spare time, she draws dog portraits and cuddles with her two cats, her pug Mushu and rescue pup Falkor.


Daycare Attendant

Riley is an avid lover of all things pup related! He has years of experience working with dogs. Outside of his love for all things dog related, Riley is passionate about music and often performs in the lower mainland with different bands.



Daycare Attendant

Isabella is currently a university student. Her family bred German Shepherd dogs in Namibia and she spent her time caring for the little pups. She enjoys travelling to Namibia and spending time in nature with animals of all sorts. She has owned German Shepherd dogs and miniature Pinschers throughout her life, loving dogs of all kinds and sizes. She enjoys getting to know dogs’ personalities and believes that spending time with them is therapeutic. When she isn’t spending time with dogs, she enjoys reading and academics.



Daycare Attendant 

Abigail has been working with dogs for many years. She started as a groomer's assistant, which led her to complete her own grooming training and start grooming pups herself! She spends her free time tackling any artistic project she can get her hands on. Abigail has no shortage in her heart for dogs... She enjoys working in the daycare and boarding our pack as well!



Daycare Attendant

Cassia has been an animal lover her entire life. It started with her amazing Husky Pheobe, and she now is the mother of 5 cats!! Cassia recently rescued a pregnant cat and cared for her until she delivered her litter. She then rehomed the kittens and naturally kept 3! In her spare time, Cassia is an amazing artist and loves to draw, paint and spend time with family.



Daycare Attendant 

Clarence is a university student. He has 3 Japanese Spitz back in his home country in Kenya and has built a strong love for dogs throughout his whole childhood. Clarence is also very passionate about sports and plays and watches both basketball and soccer in his free time.



Daycare Attendant

Sabrina has always had a calling for animals especially rescues. Growing up on farmland, she’s always had many different kinds of animals, Guinea pigs, bunnies, ferrets, cats, dogs, hamsters etc.! She absolutely loves the outdoors and going on hikes with her own dog Stella a Sweet Weimaraner. In her spare time, she’s a full-time student at VCAD (Visual College of Arts and Design), majoring in fashion design with a specialization in marketing and merchandising. Regardless of her school schedule, she always finds time for her furry friends! She’s worked on many farms with all kinds of animals throughout her life! Working at daycare was a dream come true! Sabrina enjoys boarding dogs and the abundance of love they bring her!



Daycare Attendant

Kenzie is currently a university student but loves spending time with pups. She’s always grown up with dogs and has her own Airedale Terrier, Harley. She is used to dogs of all sizes and is welcoming to them all! When she isn’t at work or studying for school, her favourite activity is to curl up with her pup and pull out a new book.



Daycare Attendant

Cristina is a college student studying criminology who goals to work with K9s in the future after she graduates. While she has been unable to have her dog (due to a family member being allergic), she has many dogs in her life, big and small, who she loves very much and cannot wait to one day have her own fur baby. While she loves all dogs, she has developed quite a soft spot for the boxer breed since being introduced to her boyfriend’s family dog Bella. In her free time, her favourite thing to do is take Bella on a nice long hike or to the dog park.



Daycare Attendant

Emily is a huge dog lover! Although she is a university student at SFU, she always finds time for doggy time! She also has a dog of her own named Stella, a cute Weimaraner. Emily grew up in the countryside, filled with animals all around her, so working at Puptown has brought her back to her childhood memory/dreams, which was being surrounded by cute and happy little furballs all day.



Daycare Attendant

Skylar is from Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up around rescue dogs, she found a passion and love for helping animals. Her most recent dogs, Kona and Spike, helped her though dark times and traveled across the province to chase her dreams. Puptown has helped Skylar honour their memory everytime she gets to hug and work beside our furry little friends.



Daycare Attendant

Megan has always had a huge place in her heart for dogs and have two of her own. She is planning to eventually go back to school to minor in business and maybe even take an interior design course as she has always had a passion for it. She absolutely loves and adores meeting all these new pups and it never fails to put her in a better mood.

Happy BArk Day!

To make your dog’s day special, we plan hikes, birthday parties, and everything in between.

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