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In-home Dog Boarding Services in Burnaby

There is nothing worse than worrying about your dog when you are away… Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa’s in-home dog boarding services in Burnaby are different from others. Your pet stays in one of the dog daycare attendant’s homes so your dog is already familiar with them! They will be in the comfort of a home environment and less anxious about being away from their own family. Expect your dog to be spoiled with lots of belly rubs, pets, and treats (if allowed of course!) During the night, we will follow your routine, and they are welcome to snuggle up around the house or go in their crate if preferred. We aim to be your pup’s “home away from home” by sticking as close to your dog’s routine as we can with regular potty breaks, fresh water, and lots of snuggles before bedtime! We ask that guests supply their pup’s regular food so we can ensure not to upset tummies by introducing new foods into their diet. Medication and supplements can be administered as per your instructions.


We will ensure you receive pictures and videos of your fur babies during their stay so you can rest assured knowing that your pup is in great hands while you sip your margarita on the beach.


We have a few requirements for all pups that come to play and enjoy boarding with us to help provide a safe and happy environment. Firstly, it is important you are an existing Puptown client (daycare, grooming) and must have been in daycare 2-3 times prior to boarding with us. We require that your dog be vaccinated for rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and bordetella, and must be people and dog friendly.


Drop-off time is 3 pm (or you can drop off earlier for Daycare service)


Pick-up time is 3 pm unless you prefer a different time and that has been pre-arranged and approved with the staff that is boarding your pup.


We offer several rate options depending on the number of days your pet will stay with us.

To make a boarding reservation inquiry, please email us and include the following information in your reservation request:

  1. Dogs name and breed.
  2. Are you an existing Puptown client (yes no)?
  3. Boarding dates requested.
  4. Is your dog comfortable in a home with cats? *Some of our boarding staff have a cat.
  5. Do you have a specific staff member you wish to request?

In-home Boarding Rates

  • 1-3 nights - $60 per night
  • 4-10 nights - $55 per night
  • 11+ nights - $50 per night


Is your little pooch closer to another birthday? It’s time to throw a pawtie! Make your fur baby’s special occasion all the more special with Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa. We do it all! There’re treats, there're friends, there’re pictures, and of course, a birthday cake! Book your dog birthday party slot in Burnaby today.


  • Homemade Birthday Cake 
  • Lots of Photos & Fun!
  • $45


  • Includes all of the above PLUS
  • Loot bags filled with homemade treats for all of your pup’s friends!
  • $60

Give Your Dog a Trans-fur-mation!

Our dog spa professionals can give your fur baby a new look every time you walk in!

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