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Daycare Registration

These forms must be filled out in full, dated, signed, and approved by the daycare prior to your dog’s first booking.

Owner Information

Authorized Persons

The following are the names of individuals that have your permission to pick up your dog from Puptown Girls Dog Lounge and Spa.

Emergency Information

Vaccinations - All dogs must have all vaccinations up to date. Owners must submit written proof of all vaccinations including kennel cough. We strongly recommend all dogs be on a flea/tick/lice prevention program.


*Please note that if your dog has been ill with a communicable or potentially communicable disease within the past 30 days, a health clearance signed by a licensed veterinarian must be received before your dog can attend daycare. Please do not bring ill (vomiting, diarrhea, eye/ear infections) or injured (sore, limping etc.) dogs to daycare.

Pet Behaviour Profile


Has your dog ever…? (If yes, please describe)

Mouthiness on hands or clothing
Excessive barking
Fence jumping
Coprophagia (feces eating)
Destructive chewing
Separation anxiety
Jumping up

Daycare Rules and Regulations

We accept dogs of all ages. Puppies must be over 12 weeks and on a vaccination program.
Puppies or shelter dogs must have been in the home for at least two weeks prior to attending daycare.
All dogs require up-to-date vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required.
Dogs that are currently ill or injured are not permitted at daycare. Owners certify by signing this application that their dogs are in good health.
All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy possessive. Owners certify by signing this application that their dog has no history of harming or threatening another animal or person.
Pickups must be completed by 7:00 PM. (5:00 PM on Saturdays) Late fees for late pickups apply at a rate of $15.00 for every 15 minutes past the closing time.
Daycare passes have no cash value, are non-refundable, and never expire.

Waiver and Agreement

I hereby represent that I am the legal owner of the dog(s) described above to use the services provided by Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa.
I hereby waive and release Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa, it’s employees, directors, owners, and agents from any and all liability which my dog(s) may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage whatsoever arising from the dog(s) attendance and participation of services provided by Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa.
I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa; it’s employees, directors, owners, and agents from any and all claims by any member of my family or any other person accompanying me to a function of Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa, or while attending the premises thereof, as a result of any action by any dog.
I hereby represent that my dog(s) is of good health and has not been ill with any known contagious diseases within the past 30 days.
I recognize that the health of the dog(s) is the owner’s responsibility. I hereby represent that all required vaccinations (rabies, bordetella, distemper, and parvovirus) are up to date. I will also continue to ensure that the required vaccinations will be kept up to date for as long as my dog(s) attends dog’s day pet care. In addition, I hereby represent that my dogs have flea-/tick-preventative treatments applied regularly.
I further understand and agree that in admitting my dog(s), Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa has relied on my representation that my dog(s) is in good health and has not harmed, shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any other person or any other dog.
I further understand and agree that Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa and their caregivers will not be held liable for any problems that might develop with my dog(s), including, but not limited to sickness, disease, injury, running away, and death, provided that reasonable care and precautions are followed.
I understand and agree that any problem that develops with my dog(s) will be treated as deemed best by the caregivers of Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa at their sole discretion and that I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred.
Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa fees and packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.
I agree that my dog(s) may be videotaped, photographed, and or recorded. Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa shall be the exclusive owner to the results and all proceeds of such media.
Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa reserves the right to permanently remove a dog from care at any time to ensure the safety of other dogs as well as staff.
In the event of an emergency and after Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa has contacted me, I authorize Puptown Girls Lounge & Spa to transport my dog to a veterinarian of choice and authorize treatment. I agree to be responsible for all charges including, but not limited to, vet fees, extra visit fees, and transportation fees. I agree that Puptown Girls Lounge & Spa is released from all liability related to transportation from/to veterinarian and treatment for sickness or emergency.
I understand that the rules above apply to any dog(s) of mine attending daycare and grooming.
We do not accept un neutered males over one year old and unspayed females that are pregnant or in heat.

Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa

3999 2nd Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 3W9

Phone: 604-423-DOGS (3647)



Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



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