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our packages never expire so feel free to stock up and save!


50% off second family dog packages!


First Day of Daycare is always Free!

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We Now Offer Express Baths!

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your dog is always safe with us! 


At Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa we have Dogsafe certified staff which means we have the critical knowledge and skills to be able to take positive action in the event of a dog emergency. Prevention of injury is always key, however, accidents do happen and what is done between an injury occuring and getting your dog to veterinary care will affect their chances of recovery. Rest assured that we always have someone on shift that is trained and qualified to care for your pup!


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We are the only local Daycare that offers full tours of our facility

While there are many things to look for when choosing a daycare, we believe that TRANSPARENCY is the most important. We offer FULL tours of our Daycare after hours so that you can see where your furbaby will be spending their time when they are away from you. Book your tour with us today!


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We DO NOT impose Breed Restrictions!

We base acceptance solely on your dogs temperament.


If you have been refused by another doggy daycare due to breed restrictions, we encourage you to schedule a trial day with Puptown Girls.  We do not impose breed restrictions.


We do however, restrict based on temperament.


We believe there is nothing to fear from the "scary" breeds such as Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans & German Shepards.

They are all great dogs! 


Your dog will be thoroughly assessed on their first trial day and are evaluated by our highly trained staff. We are looking for signs of aggression, and how much they will enjoy the open play style concept of daycare. You will recieve a report at the end of your dogs trial day which will advise if your dog is suitable for daycare and eligible to return. 


Check out our pictures on social media- its safe to say there are no restrictions as you will see all shapes and sizes! However we DO separate based on size due to the open play style of the daycare. 

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Daycare and Grooming

Our newly renovated facility is designed to be the perfect getaway for your dogs, whether they need a little bit of pampering or need a place to stay for the time you’re away from home. Our state-of-the-art facilities are bound to make your dog cozy and comfortable. We have both daycare and on-site grooming facilities available at our venue, with a wider range of services than before to keep your dog engaged and pampered.

Benefits of a Daycare Center

If your dog is at home the whole time you work, the chances are, your dog’s bored all the time. The result? You come home to a piece of furniture or a pair of your shoes chewed up. Why limit their enthusiasm to the four walls of your home? Let them have fun with other pups and dogs at our daycare. We know they’re the light of your life. We promise to keep them healthy and safe for you.

Birthdays? We Celebrate!

Got your dog’s birthday coming up? We would love to help you throw a party for your pet. We have delicious dog treats and amazing props for the photos. And of course, a birthday cake too!

Proud Supporter of PB & Chi Dog Rescue 

At Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa, we care about the wellbeing of not just our clients but of dogs everywhere. We are proud to provide support to the private foster based rescue society and charity that helps dogs around the world find loving foster and furever homes in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. 


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A Pawfect Day

Let your dog stay and play every day at our daycare specially designed for dogs.


Stay in Style Furever

We can help you bring your pup up to date with all the latest fur and grooming trends.


Happy BArk Day!

To make your dog’s day special, we plan hikes, birthday parties, and everything in between.

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