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Trusted Doggy Daycare in Burnaby

Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa is a highly rated daycare with ample open space and outdoor area for your dog to explore. Our doggy daycare services in Burnaby will take care of your dog’s needs when you’re out or at work. For more information, contact us today


To get started with us, please complete the daycare registration form here. Once received, we will contact you to schedule your pups trial day.

Dog Lounge Daycare Services

Your pooch’s day is spent socializing with other dogs, while being watched carefully by dog-loving professionals. You can rest assured that your dog is in capable hands and in a clean, safe environment. Our daycare staff members are all pet owners themselves and are trained dog behaviour, different dog breeds, and are always supervising indoor and outdoor playtime. The knowledge of our staff helps to ensure that we are providing the safest environment for your pup. Our employees ensure playtime is safe and happy and that no dog is bullied or left out. Our daycare attendants are more than happy to provide lots of love and cuddles for every dog in our facility, maintaining their comfort and happiness during their stay at Puptown Girls Dog Lounge & Spa.


When you pick up your dog after a day of doggie daycare, you’ll find your fur baby calm, tired, and so happy! Whether you want to leave your dog for 2 hours while running an errand or during the hours you are at work, drop your pup off and rest assured we are treating them like they are our own.


We have clean indoor flooring and a large outdoor area with artificial turf for dogs to go potty on. For dogs that require some rest during the day (yay, nap time!), our daycare has lots of cozy beds and blankets for your dog to snuggle up with.


If your dog requires feeding during daycare, please bring a container of food for your pup’s lunch, and we would be happy to feed him/her.


Our promise to you is that the entire facility is cleaned and sanitized, including our outdoor area, several times per day. All water bowls are washed, sanitized, and refilled every hour. Feeding bowls are washed and sanitized after each use to help prevent any cross-contamination. All bedding and dog blankets are washed regularly, and all dog waste is picked up regularly throughout the day and properly disposed of.


We offer separate playrooms for big dogs and small dogs but if your small pup wants to join the big dogs, they are more than welcome!


For your convenience, our dog daycare is open on weekdays for drop off starting at 6:30 AM and remains open for pick-ups until 7:00 PM.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we are open from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.


In order to be sure that your dog will be comfortable and safe playing in our daycare, we do an evaluation to determine their suitability before their first day of daycare. Contact us to schedule a free evaluation for your pup. Your first day of daycare is on us to see if we are a good fit for your dog!


We ask that all new clients complete the online information form and tell us all about your fur baby so that when you come in, the enrollment process is quick and seamless.


We have a few requirements for all pups that come to play and enjoy boarding with us to help provide a safe and happy environment. We require that your dog be vaccinated for rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and bordetella, and must be people and dog-friendly.


We offer several packages and daily rates for your daycare needs. Unlike most local daycares,  OUR PACKAGES NEVER EXPIRE!


Call us today or email to schedule your evaluation and free first day of daycare!

Daycare Rates Menu

Day care: Half day

(under 5 hours)

  • Drop-in rate: $23
  • 5 pack $105
  • 10 pack $200
  • 15 pack $280
  • 20 pack $350

Daycare: Full day

(over 5 hours)

  • Drop-in rate: $33
  • 5 pack $155
  • 10 pack $305
  • 15 pack $ 450
  • 20 pack $ 500

Always 50% off on daycare packages for a second family dog

Monthly Unlimited Packages

Unlimited Monthly Weekdays: $ 565 per month

Unlimited Weekdays & Weekends: $ 680 per month




Please note: Daycare packages can not be used on Stat holidays.


Daycare Rules and Regulations

  • We accept dogs of all age groups. Puppies must be over 12 weeks and on a vaccination program.
  • Puppies or shelter dogs must have been in the home for at least two weeks prior to attending daycare.
  • All dogs require up-to-date vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required.
  • Dogs that are currently ill or injured are not permitted at daycare. Owners certify by signing an application that their dogs are in good health.
  • All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy possessive. Owners certify by signing this application that their dog has no history of harming or threatening another animal or person.
  • Pickups must be completed by 7:00 PM. (5:00 PM on weekends) Late fees for late pickups apply at a rate of $ 40 for every 15 minutes past the closing time.
  • Daycare passes have no cash value, are non-refundable, and never expire.
  • We are for the most part unable to accommodate the following dogs for the safety of your dog and other dogs attending daycare: un-neutered males over one year old and un-spayed females that are in heat or pregnant 


Long Holiday Trip?

Let your fur babies enjoy their time away from you with friends and Puptown Girls’ family.

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